D & M Crack Repair Services

Unsightly cracks in asphalt, if not treated quickly and properly, can lead to larger imperfections and pavement failure. As water seeps into existing cracks, expanding and contracting due to changing temperatures causes the asphalt to weaken and cracks to grow.

At D & M Striping, we will promptly respond to your service calls to patch and repair pavement cracks, preventing the formation of potholes. By taking the appropriate preparatory steps including routing and clearing the existing crack before applying the sealant, you can be sure that all pavement failures will be fixed to last.

If you’re parking lot is in need of crack repair, contact us today!

Case Studies

We’ve worked with clients from all over the country, and built a reputation of delivering precise striping and pavement repair services at an unbeatable price.

Visit our Service Areas & Current Clients page to see a list of companies we’ve done business with in the past.

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