D & M Line Striping Services

At D & M Striping, we have been repainting and repairing parking lots of every size for over 30 years. Using Graco LineLazer products, our team of striping professionals can accurately and professionally design, layout and paint your parking lot. We have experience working in over 10 states on the east coast, and strictly adhere to the varying procedures and safety codes enacted by each state.

Our state-of-the-art line of machinery and 30-plus years of experience make us a leader in parking lot maintenance. Line striping, handicapped and emergency vehicle signage, curb painting, and other special markings and designs are all a part of our services offered at D & M.

Additional Maintenance
Sometimes a parking lot needs something more than fresh lines and crack repair. That’s why at D & M, in addition to repair work and line striping, we proudly offer sidewalk power washing services and pavement marking removal.

Case Studies

We’ve worked with clients from all over the country, and built a reputation of delivering precise striping and pavement repair services at an unbeatable price.

Visit our Service Areas & Current Clients page to see a list of companies we’ve done business with in the past.

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